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The overall health and security of the personnel is actually paramount when they’re traveling – especially overseas. While a business trip may well go without a hitch nearly all of the time, occasionally things are able to come about – so when they do, you have robust corporate travel safety and protection methods in place to contend with them. From the problems around individual wellness and security, to finding out how to go around and interact with the locals, a travel supervisor has to ensure that their workers have almost everything they have to be protected and well abroad.

With this in mind, read on and help make certain you receive all of the guidance you have to maintain your business travelers protected on the street.


If your staff generally travel to various regions of the planet, the following are several of the main scenarios you need to prepare for:

Cultural misunderstandings. Make certain your travelers are acquainted with local customs to stay away from creating a faux pas. It is also a great idea for these people to read up on cultural and business etiquette, as well as find out a couple of spoken phrases, therefore their trip goes as efficiently as you can.

Adverse weather conditions. Activities like floods, earthquakes and hurricanes are definitely more typical than you may believe in some regions of the community. Make certain your travelers are actually ready for this by staying up to date as well as keeping them informed about weather warnings with tools and apps as CWT Safety and Security.

Civil unrest. Political instability is able to impact travel plans and also have travelers in jeopardy. Terrorism is an additional threat which can result in severe disruption. The simplest way to confirm corporate traveler security is actually by sticking with the newest travel information with CWT Safety and Security for the nation your travelers are actually visiting.

Unpredictable local laws. Tasks such as drinking alcohol and smoking are actually frowned upon in certain places. In others, they may even be illegal. Remember your travelers are actually representing your business during the trip of theirs, so to stay away from embarrassment – or even even worse – research local laws before your travelers risk inadvertently breaking them.

Absence of healthcare support. Traveling might expose individuals to a selection of prospective health problems and accidents. Try to give yourself peace of mind by partnering with corporate travel specialists CWT, that works with International SOS – the world’s biggest healthcare and travel security firm.


If the business travelers of yours are moving between nations, they will have to obtain info that is major at each phase of the trip of theirs. Ensure corporate traveler security by making sure your employees:

Have the appropriate traveling documents. The delegates of yours are going to need to show the right of theirs to type in different countries if traveling internationally. They will certainly call for a passport, travel tickets and sometimes a visa. CWT partners with visa services company CIBT to help with the occasionally arduous job of obtaining a visa for international travel, making the entire process more effective – meaning less anxiety for the traveler. It is a great plan to maintain some important documents – like insurance, hotel confirmations and automobile rental details – in one place that is secure so that they do not go missing.

Pack correctly. Very important travel documents aside, there are lots of different things your business travelers have to get on the trip of theirs. From laptop chargers and adapters to breath mints, you will find a lot of things they may not recognize are actually important until it is way too late – and so make sure they stick to a packing checklist.

Know exactly where they have to go. It is crucial your travelers have all of the information they have to have to the destination of theirs. Travelers are able to place themselves in danger and waste precious time by becoming lost in a new country – so get them the travel directions they have to learn. Consider pre booking cabs from the airport terminal to the hotel in unpredictable destinations.

Are mindful of neighborhood customs. Knowing local etiquette is able to enable you to stay away from appearing rude. Be sure to educate delegates on the significant cultural differences.

Have crucial contact info. The travelers of yours must understand how to contact International SOS, community crisis services, and anybody in the business of yours who might help in case of various other problems or disruption.


If your workers do not look quite healthy on the highway, they are not likely to do at their best in business conferences, or maybe produce quality work. While you usually cannot predict health problems, you are able to design the right way to handle them in advance. There are a variety of health related considerations to be conscious of while traveling, including:

The accessibility of healthcare. Make certain your travelers know exactly where they are able to get healthcare help before they want it. International SOS provides health, clinical and security assistance worldwide and also may guide on the very best course of activity for any medical problems, twenty four hours one day, seven times a week.

Water and food safety. Having a taste of the local cuisine is actually a possibility which is going to excite so many travelers. Nevertheless, a number of elements of the planet may not have exactly the same hygiene standards as at home. Travelers should stay away from street food, and especially dishes as salads, that may not have been adequately addressed, washed or perhaps prepared. Similarly, travelers should not take some risks with plain tap water, as well as drink bottled water instead.

Health threats as well as diseases. Stomach upsets, altitude sickness and heat exposure are actually several of the most typical health issues when traveling abroad. It is vital that you help make certain you consider the proper over-the-counter cures, and so be sure you do your homework beforehand.

It is also important your travelers do in any needed vaccination courses for the nation prior to traveling, and have extensive travel insurance which has emergency medical repatriation.


The travelers of yours will probably be taking several types of ground transportation on the business trip of theirs. The a lot more traveling ways they take, the higher the amount of consequences. Make certain your workers follow these corporate traveler basic safety tips when:

Operating. Going by automobile is usually the quickest and easiest way to go from A to B, so in case your travelers are actually allowed to drive in a completely different state, it is an alternative well worth considering. Travelers are going to need to make sure they’ve their driving license with them at all the times, and must take care to book with reliable automobile hire firms. Some destinations might also have extremely different driving rules – for instance, motorists might drive on the opposite side of the street. Routes might additionally be congested, making it hard for drivers to navigate, especially in case they are exhausted from traveling, therefore a taxi may be a more secure choice here.

Taxi. If your travelers require a taxi, be sure that they just use an established, registered one. If at all possible, always pre book instead of accepting 1 off the block.

Public transportation. The safety amounts of a spot differ greatly between cities, as well as neighborhoods within cities, at some times of day. In order to ensure your corporate travelers’ safety, investigate public transportation alternatives exactly where they will be passing through – or perhaps whether an automobile and driver is actually encouraged.


Sometimes the travelers of yours may be extremely preoccupied with their conferences or conferences, they may fail to study the crime levels, safety standards and neighborhoods to stay away from in the destination of theirs. Be sure you teach them around these critical areas:

A country’s background. Whatever the domestic issues a nation is actually facing, be sure you keep your travelers informed about it. The means they will continue to be aware and stay away from areas of unrest when.

Crime and the law. Some destinations might be famous for having high amount of a specific crime type – pickpocketing for instance. Take a look at the most typical crimes in the spot and you are able to take in steps to defend against them, whether your travelers require a guard or simply a protected location to place the valuables of theirs.

Protection training. Keep staff safe through risk avoidance education, and education for any other unique personal security measures.

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