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Feng Shui Tips for Extended Travel

Feng Shui Tips for Extended Travel

Feng Shui Tips for Extended Travel

Knowing how much our energy is actually connected to the environment we live or even work in makes it extremely important to take better care of our office or house feng shui. What happens, though, in case you chose to go for a year or perhaps so? Just how can you maintain good feng shui in your various temporary homes?

 The Energy of the Travel Space First, it’s vital that you know you affect the energy of the space almost as the energy of the space affects you. Thus, taking care of your inner feng shui, so to speak, is really important, particularly when you don’t have the security of your house energy to support and nourish you.

By inner good feng shui I mean being very mindful of maintaining good personal energy levels at all times, watching your emotions and thoughts and always choosing to stay on the bright and “feel good” side of things.

Several places you may end up in might have really good energy, and some might have very challenging feng shui. Ideally, you are going to have to spend almost no time in rooms, or perhaps homes with bad feng shui.

The very first level of good feng shui is just cleanliness on the physical fitness level. You know, an actually clean space versus a space which looks clean but has all of the junk stuffed in closets, basements or perhaps under the beds and coffee tables. That never actually works, as you can’t fool Chi, or perhaps energy. <

br/> So, a physically clean space is actually the first clear choice. Having it completely clean and keeping it clean. If you’ve a choice between renting different spaces, look for freshness and cleanliness as the absolute must, not for pretty decor.

Travel Items

After you’ve a more or perhaps less clean foundation, you are able to always create energy that is good with a small “feng shui on-the-go” assortment of items. These would be products that will help clear the energy, as well as keep maintain energy that is good around you.

 A few of small crystals is nearly always a great idea when you’re away from home. Clear quartz and rose quartz are actually excellent choices, as are actually black tourmaline for kyanite or protection for balancing. Don’t forget to cleanse the crystals of yours from time to time. You are able to incorporate the crystals subtly as mindful jewelry/body feng shui, or perhaps by carrying small tumbled crystals in the pockets of yours.

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Essential oils that you like the most are generally a good “feng shui on-the-go” tool. I always carry lavender oil with me to refresh the energy of mine throughout the day. Lavender also has strong protective properties. Explore different essential oils and see which scents strengthen you/your energy field probably the most.

Burning or smudging incense is actually a great idea for just about any space, but you may not have the capability to do that while traveling. Nevertheless, even an air spray with a very good essential oils mix will work well to quickly pick up the power of the space.

Stay safe by feeling out the energy around you and stay away from bad spots. A place is able to look very pretty and have dangerous energies or perhaps bad feng shui still. The best way to use this info is actually with the feelings of yours – does it feel good, does it feel bad? Don’t let your mind interfere for the first couple of seconds and you are going to sense things that may be hidden and not so evident about the feng shui of any given space.

Then, of course, learn almost as you are able to about good feng shui basics before going away and you’ll quickly know what places will be much better for you: from the energy of places close to the water to the energy of houses on a cul-de-sac.

In case you’re traveling with your worry and partner about keeping the power of the loving relationship of yours, it’s always a great idea to have with you a little photo of your most fun and loving moments. The photo may be a part of your “feng shui on-the-go” package and help smooth the communication of yours when needed.

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