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Hollywood Regency Style Bedroom Ideas

The Birth of the Hollywood Regency Decorating Style
Jean Harlow in Dinner at Eight
It is a celebration of all the items glitz and glamour―the Hollywood Regency decorating technique came into being during the heyday of Hollywood’s larger-than-life movie stars in the 1930s. It is not really a look noted for subtlety, neither could it be for all those that like minimalist or simple rooms. Rather, it is all about turning the area into a showpiece of personality, style, and luxury. In the continue to shot right here from the 1933 movie “Dinner at Eight,” Jean Harlow shows off traditional Hollywood Regency style plus bravado.

Particular attention to Detail

Courtesy of Focus Features This room set from the 2008 film,   Lives for a Day,” shows off numerous hallmarks of the Hollywood Regency decorating theme. The lavish materials, mirrored elaborate, embellishments, tassels, and surfaces wallpaper all reflect the particular attention to detail that’s a crucial part of this particular decorating style.

Hollywood Regency Loves to Shine
Purple Hollywood regency bedroom
Photo: Peg Bairns Interior Design
In present day take on Hollywood Regency, the complete glitz is dialed down a notch or perhaps 2, though the glamour remains. In this particular room from Peg Berens Interior Design, the collections on the room are simple and clean, although large quantities of gloss in everything out of the fireplace surround towards the bedding on the window treatments is pure Hollywood.

White and red Hollywood Regency Bedroom
Only one thing’s for sure; Hollywood Regency is not a decorating style for the bashful and retiring. Below, Dkor Interiors actually lets loose with a brilliant purple and white space match for a movie star – or maybe anybody who simply needs to really feel as a movie star. The lavishly tufted and upholstered wall, the huge mirror, the detailing on the ceiling, and also the appearance of the wall space and doors are both normal of the over-the-top look.

Hollywood Regency With an Asian Influence
Asian influenced Hollywood regency bedroom decor While particular attention and glamour to detail are essentials of the Hollywood Regency theme, it is not an overall look that’s certain to anyone model of accessories as well as furniture. Actually, it is a very eclectic decorating like, as displayed in this specific suite from Domicile Interior Design. The Asian influence provides a lot of curiosity and design, while the touches of metal gold hold glamour pumping.

Lavender Hollywood Regency Bedroom
Lavender Hollywood regency bedroom
This girly bedroom, research in lavender, shows off numerous Hollywood regency trademarks. The tufted, upholstered bed, the tassels on pillows and throw blanket, the metal accents, plus the ornate wallpaper is actually really common of the appearance.

White and black Hollywood Regency Bedroom
white and black bedroom
Photo: Atmosphere Interior Design
While there’s no “official” color pattern in the Hollywood Regency design, white and black is an extremely well-known combo. In this particular contemporary and glamorous space from Atmosphere Interior Design, the potential associated with a small palette is pretty apparent.

Metallic Shine within the Hollywood Regency Style
Silver tufted headboard
Photo: Simone Alisa
Decorator Simone Alisa shows from the strength of metal in this particular glamorous bedroom. Notice that despite the all-eyes-here attractiveness of the oversize, silvery, tufted upholstered headboard, and also the 2 mirrored dressers, the space is really very open and airy. Hollywood Regency isn’t a cluttered or maybe fussy style; it simply appreciates facial detail and also the much more costly (or perhaps at the very least, expensive appearing) little things in life.

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