How can Travel Agents Earn money?

How can Travel Agents Earn money?


“How do travel agents force money?” This’s a query I listen to frequently. Normally the individuals asking are possibly all those that are thinking about being a travel representative or maybe it is coming out of individuals that discover I operate in the travel industry and so they cannot trust travel organizations are much still around! (Um, they’re, and also they are the brand new darlings of the time starved, information overloaded tourists of today!)


I will go much more in depth in only a second, but here is the fundamental step-by-step of exactly how many travel agents make money:


A traveler harmonizes with a travel agent and also finalizes the itinerary of theirs.

The travel agent publications the different vendors (air, cruises, tours, car, hotel, etc) utilized in the traveler’s itinerary by way of a unique traveling representative portal or perhaps by calling the merchant and providing the accreditation number of theirs. Based on the booking type as well as the agency, the agent might also charge the traveler a distinct service or consultation fee.

The vendor recognizes the travel bureau via the accreditation number of theirs. Utilizing the accreditation number, the merchant pulls up info about the company, like the traveling agency’s the address and commission amount in which the commission test is always to be delivered.

The travel agent can make the reservation and it is credited with the reservation via the accreditation number of theirs.

The commission is given on the travel agent. For the majority of trips, the merchant pays commission on the travel agent right after the prospect has traveled. For the majority of cruises, the travel agent is paid the commission of theirs after last payment (typically aproximatelly 60 90 times prior to the sailing).

However, in case you are searching for the way travel agents earn money which are workers of an agency, which falls much more into the territory of travel representative salaries. You are at the proper site, only the wrong article. 🙂 Here is the article of ours that deep dives in travel agent salaries.


A brief History

How can travel agents earn money – history


In order to provide you with a solution on just how travel agents make cash, it is crucial that you know a bit of history. I promise to help keep it short – it is really pretty fascinating the way the industry has changed through the years.


In the good’ ol many days, a big part of travel bureau revenue came from airline profits. Because tickets have been pricey, in need, and also may solely be ticketed by representatives or maybe the airlines, they have been the bread as well as butter of any company.


How about commissions from tours, cruise lines, hotels? Those were simply icing on the cake.


They were travel agents in each and every sense of the term since they were agents of traveling vendors. The revenue of theirs came out of the commissions earned from offering travel solutions. Nevertheless, when airline commissions have been cut in the 1990s – unhappy face! – the primary revenue base for travel agents disappeared. It hurt. A lot.


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Airlines reduce the commission of theirs since they might today achieve tourists through the internet as well as online travel agencies (OTAs) as Travelocity and Expedia. Travel agents, whom were previously wined as well as dined by airlines, had been left out in the cold. Ouch.


With this quickly changing traveling landscape, travel agents required to locate a new approach to make money… and rapidly. And that is exactly where the modern-day day story of ours of’ How Do Travel Agents Make Money?’ starts.


A Shift in Business Models With commission slices as well as clients’ potential to book by themselves, selling airline tickets was not profitable for a lot of travel organizations. The travel company town was, quite frankly, devastated by this particular. Many agencies that did not adapt fast enough had to close the doors of theirs.


Okay, okay. Just before you blow by way of a an entire box of tissues, I wish to guarantee you the ending is a happier body. Stick with me. 🙂 While smaller than in the glory days of its, the travel agent society has discovered an equilibrium.



Beginning around 2013, travel agents began to find out the numbers grow of theirs. Anywhere there’s when a worry that there would not be some travel agents to fill up the shoes of people who were retiring, we today get an influx of new blood, wanting to make use of the versatility as well as travel possibilities a travel agent profession offers.


Look at these business stats:


In 2013, based on the American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA), almost seventy % of the company workforce was much older than fifty five, and also the portion of elements over age sixty five had almost doubled, from seventeen % to thirty two %, in the past ten years.

And statistics from our 2018 Travel Agent Income Survey found that the common era of an agent was fifty two years, eighty % of respondents were much younger than sixty, along with ninety six % worked from home.

Did you get that?!? We went from seventy % of the workforce actually being more than fifty five in 2013, to eighty % of the workforce being much younger than sixty in 2018! While HAR and ASTA do tend to entice several demographics – ASTA is usually bigger, list storefronts and HAR is normally smaller, non storefront companies – but also so, the pattern is clear. Travel agents are not in danger of going extinct. (HUZZAH!!!)


An essential reason behind this innovative influx? The rise of the agent that actually works remotely. Call them solopreneurs/home-based/location-independent – whatever hip term you would like to use. They could be tougher to find out without having a storefront, though this completely new part of the market has become a force to be reckoned with!


By and big, the most favored agency design has changed out of the storefront companies of days gone by, to the remote companies of today.


Think it is too great to be true? Read this particular on the travel agent job outlooks which outlines the information to support it!



The travel bureau business model (both business and leisure) is going to be much less determined by profits. Exactly why the switch? The simple solution is the fact that commissions from other vendors and airlines are less than in the past.


So how can travel agents earn money in a world in which the commissions of theirs are lower? One particular travel bureau answer to diminishing commissions was to diversify the revenue of theirs and start charging costs. This helped companies steer away from total reliance on vendor commissions, assisting them pad a bottom line which was previously cushioned by good vendor as well as air carrier profits.


Together with the loss of commercial airline commissions, travel agents confront the task of numerous major cruise lines’ non commissionable charges (NCFs). Yup, it is self explanatory: They are miscellaneous fees that aren’t commissionable. While a cruise sale might be $2,000, it is likely just $1,400 of it is going to be commissionable.


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 The Breakdown of How Travel Agents Earn money Okay, before we get into things, it is crucial that you recognize that various sectors of the travel bureau area generate some money in ways that are different.


In order to allow it to be much easier, we have divided the issue of exactly how travel agents generate cash into four primary types of travel agencies: company, custom, leisure, and’ the big players’.



How can business travel agents earn money?

Commercial airline tickets are the lifeblood of company companies. Not selling airline tickets after commission cuts was from the issue. In order to counterbalance the loss of the air carrier commissions, business companies implemented a service charge whenever they booked a ticket.


Along with air, corporate travel organizations earn commissions from booking hotel as well as automobile for business travelers. Corporate traveling organizations make cash primarily from service costs, net/private fares, and also from airline commissions. Even though the vast majority of commercial airline tickets do not pay commission, travel companies have contracts for commission on tickets which get into a particular martial arts classes of service or maybe some routings.


✈️ Read more on commercial airline fare sorts here. ✈️

So just how much are corporate traveling agencies charging? Based on the 2016 ASTA Service Fee Report, the typical fee for business air was $33. one (The statement didn’t malfunction the charges based on domestic.) or international


Want to break into business traveling? Read about precisely how these three agents entered the market.


 How can LEISURE TRAVEL AGENTS Earn money?

Following the commission cuts, lots of travel organizations shifted to marketing high ticket items that really paid travel representative commissions – basically, vacation packages as well as cruises. Today, these’re your pleasure travel organizations – the people you may be thinking of if you think of a travel agent.


What is this particular home business? Read “What Is actually a multitude Agency” right here!

In general, leisure travel agencies’ primary revenue is from profits vendors spend on other add-ons, cruises, and vacation packages. Nevertheless, consultation costs as well as service charges are starting to be more prevalent as companies try to diversify income resources to become much less determined by dealer profits.


In case you are wondering just how many travel agents generate cash by charging a charge, you will wish to go for a peek at our annual Travel Agent Fee Report. In 2018, we found that fifty three % of agents didn’t impose a fee.


Find out from a single representative that makes eighty % of the earnings of her from fees. (No, that’s not really a typo!)

To charge a fee assists representatives boost the profits of theirs and also discourage’ tire-kickers’ (price shoppers). For elements reluctant to impose fees, several representatives implement a’ look-to-book’ charge – an up front fee for investigation, that is used on the reservation when its created. Several companies charge a straight up non refundable fee for consultations.


The best five program costs among hosted representatives that captured the newest fee survey of ours had been costs for household air (55.7 %), global air (51.5 %), FIT (28.7 %), Rail (15.9 %) along with Air Inclusive Packages (15.3 %). You are able to see additional information on the graph below!


Service Fees for Hosted Agents 2018


 Get additional charge information goodness on our 2018 charge report for hosted agents and impartial agents!



Mass market trips as cruises, all inclusive resorts, or maybe class bus tours around Europe are not for everybody. If you want an itinerary designed specifically for you, travel agents call that an FIT journey (Flexible Independent Travel) – in plain speak, you would call that a customized itinerary. But why be simple that way when you can think of an acronym, right?! 😉


Custom itineraries tend to be more time intensive and could involve booking locations that do not pay travel agent profits. Agents which develop FITs typically charge higher consultation, trip planning, or service charges to compensate.


FIT travel agents earn money not just throughout the charges stated previously, but representatives might also make money through total pricing mark-ups as well as commissions from the various vendors they are booking.


There is no one-size-fits-all charge with regards to custom itineraries. But in case you are interested in learning much more on what sort of charge would make most sense for the market of yours, check this out:


These three Travel Agents have quite creative fee structures, and also opened up about the processes of theirs with these.


How can The fundamental TRAVEL AGENCIES Earn money?

Let us first define what a huge travel agent is well before we discuss the way they make cash. When we are chatting a’ big player’, we are speaking about an agency with tens of countless sales earnings. There is not actually a cut off on whenever you hit this threshold. The reality is the fact that in case you are in this circle, you will know it. They are the one % of the travel bureau world. 🙂


While many companies generate percentage dependent on the product sales tiers of theirs, these’ big players’ gain overrides depending on the profits of theirs. Whenever they see a pre determined product sales aim or even go market share, the merchant compensates them. These overrides may come through many vendors like airlines, GDSs, cruise lines, tour operators, automobile rental companies, and much more.


In Closing

Today you are conscious of how travel agents earn money, you have got to be prepared to begin making cash as a travel representative, stat! Sign on for our free 7 Day Setup Travel bureau Challenge. The daily emails of ours for a week will take you step the procedure of what you have to get the agency of yours off the soil and running.


7-day Setup The next time somebody asks you’ How do Travel Agents Make Money?’ you are able to today offer an amazingly very long answer, chock-full info which will blow the brain of theirs. In case that is where you are at this time, great. That has been the goal of mine.


Be at liberty to question other queries about the way the land of traveling organizations perform in the comments below. I were raised in the travel industry and also have worked with numerous agents to begin and grow the travel agencies of theirs. In case you will still have questions, drop us a line, join the discussion in the comments below, and visit me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.