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How to Choose the Best Airline for Your Business Travel ?

When reserving business travel, there is much more to consider than simply the price of flights. Today, TPG Contributor Richard Kerr helps you through the best elements which could decide which airline you select.

I have been thinking a great deal recently about business traveling as I check high quality cabins on United, Delta along with American for flights within the States. It helps you to check out the various airline products edge by side for a feeling of the respective value they offer, though you must subsequently parlay that info right into a choice about what airline best suits the needs of yours.

In this content, I will build on the previous analysis of mine and focus on several additional aspects you need to take into consideration when considering your own personal business travel.

The issue of which air carrier is ideal for business traveling :

doesn’t possess a one-size-fits-all solution. We each have our own circumstances and preferences that can mail us in reverse paths when selecting a business class product. You will find 4 main elements to think about when you are attempting to select an airline:

Many companies believe selecting an airline:

maybe whatever, for that particular matter) is about the important thing, which the cheapest fare wins whenever. Nevertheless, while prices are clearly a crucial facet of the decision of yours, you should not always opt for the lowest ticket.

The older brother of mine is a CPA for among the biggest accounting firms in the planet. Business-class tickets to Sydney or London are advertised to the customer. In the case of his, prices are practically a non factor when deciding on flights. On another hand, the younger brother of mine is a music minister at an up-and-coming church of Charleston, SC. When he’s purchasing airfare for a convention, retreat or training, prices are almost the one and only thing that is important.

I promote a holistic approach when thinking about the price of traveling:

In case you benefit a Fortune 500 or any other big business with assured traffic volume, your fees are usually negotiated. When you have a small company, you must set up and also monitor an annual or quarterly travel budget. It is essential to make sure you are being within that spending budget, and also to ensure you are maximizing the return of yours on paying with charge card rewards as well as loyalty program earnings. You are able to additionally poll the employees of yours and lean on your own personal travel experiences to determine whether it is really worth investing a little more for much more handy flight times or maybe greater onboard products.

When paying for the flights of yours:

a company bank card has many advantages and also integrated methods to assist you or maybe your workplace’s traveling supervisor stay organized. The top choice of mine for airfare is the Business Gold Rewards Card coming from American Express OPEN, that earns three Membership Rewards areas per dollar inside the choice of yours of one category out of 5 choices, which includes airfare purchased from airlines. You will also generate two factors per dollar within the other types, with extra points limited to the very first $100,000 invested in each class. Some other features as baggage insurance and also OPEN Savings help make the card a good option for many companies.

In case you are currently set on a particular commercial airline, a co branded card such as United MileagePlus Explorer Business Card or maybe Citi AAdvantage Executive World Elite Mastercard offer benefits like free checked bags as well as two miles per dollar on buying with the air carrier. You may also think about a card which makes transferable areas – the Amex Business Gold Card is a great option in case you choose Delta, even though the Ink Plus Business Card is a powerful option for United flyers, moreover the Starwood Preferred Guest Business Credit Card coming from American Express provides value that is good for American Airlines loyalists.


The commercial airline you choose for internet business traveling must generate life simple for you and the team of yours. Think about the following elements when making your decision:

Routes – A big route system will be one of my best factors when selecting an airline. If global travel is needed, I should reserve one ticket and traveling via codeshares so I am able to verify in only once to the final destination of mine, without care about missed connections on tickets that are separate or even rechecking baggage. Nonstop is definitely better for business travelers, therefore help the employees of yours over and also reserve a nonstop United flight while in case you are a Delta die hard plus do not care about connecting in Atlanta.

Airline product:

The lows and highs of the history carriers are well-known, but make sure you take a look at some other options as Alaska, Southwest, JetBlue, Virgin Frontier and America. Company morale is usually just about the most ignored elements of your office. Do everything you are able to to ensure you and also your workers are not dreading a weekly 3 hour flight on a CRJ 700 when a comfy JetBlue A320 carrying living satellite TV flies similar course.

An airline’s hard item is most crucial on long haul flights. A totally lie flat Japan Airlines Sky Suite compared to an angled lie flat American legacy plane is able to generate an enormous difference on a 14 hour transpacific flight. Be sure you research what setup you will be flying in an effort being as cozy as is possible (or to at a minimum be psychologically ready for a flight with not many amenities).

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