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Please get in touch with us to enquire about insurance packages. No fixed prices are available as the rates are variable based on destinations covered and number of days.


1.       “Insured” means the proposed insured as stated in the application.

2.       “Dependant” means the unmarried child or children of the Insured and/or of the Insured’s spouse, between one (1) year and eighteen (18) years of age and primarily dependant on the Insured for support, and who is/are named in the Application or in any other designation form provided by the Company.

3.       “Name Insured” (or “Named Insured’s”) means the Proposed Insured, and/or the spouse of the Insured and/or the Dependant(s) as stated in the Application.

4.       ”Schedule” and “Application” whenever used in this Policy means the Application for Insurance and the Schedule of Benefits which are attached hereto and which form a part of this Policy.

5.       “Injury” means bodily injury occurring during the course of Insured Journey, caused solely and directly by violent, accident, external, visible means, to the Named Insured whose injury is the basis of the claim and resulting directly and independently of al other causes in a loss covered by this Policy.

6.       “Principal Sum” means the amount stated in the Schedule of Benefits with respect to each Named Insured.

7.       “Insured Journey” means a Journey outside the country stated in the Schedule of Benefits. Such Journey shall be deemed to have commenced when the Named Insured leaves the Country stated in the Schedule of Benefits on or after the Effective Date stated in the Application and shall cease on or before the earlier of the following: (a) the Insured’s return to the country stated in the Schedule of benefits: or (b) the Expiry Date stated in the Application.

8.       “Medical Expenses” means expenses incurred during an Insured Journey paid by the Named Insured to a Hospital for: physicians, surgeon, , nurse, hospital and / or ambulance service for medical, surgical, X-ray, hospital or nursing treatment, including the cost of medical supplies and ambulance hire. Provided that in the event of the Named Insured becoming entitled to a refund of all or part of such expenses from any other source, the Company will only be liable for the excess of the amount recoverable from such other source and within the limits provided in the Schedule.

9.       “Physician” means a person legally licensed to practice medicine and surgery other than the Named Insured or a member of the Named Insured’s immediate family.

10.   “Hospital” means a hospital (other than an institution for aged, chronically ill on convalescent rest or nursing home or a facility operated as a drug and / or alcohol treatment center) operated pursuant to law for the care and treatment of sick or injured persons providing organized facilities for diagnosis and surgery and having 24-hour emergency services, nursing services, and medical supervision.

11.   “Pre-existing Conditions” means any physical and/or medical condition that was diagnosed, treated or for which care, treatment, or advice was received from Physician or which was first manifested or contracted at any time prior to the Coverage Effective date: whether declared or not declared in the Application.

12.   “Deductible” means the amount of expense, as stated in the Schedule of Benefits, to be paid by the Insured, before the policy benefits become payable.

13.   “Sickness” means sickness or disease first manifested within the period of an Insured Journey, and which is not due to pre-existing condition.

14.   “Reasonable & Customary” means any medical charge which is charge for treatment, supplies or medical services medically necessary to treat the Named Insured’s condition and does not exceed the usual level of charges for similar treatment, supplies or medical services in the locality where the expenses are incurred; and does not include charges that would not have been made if no insurance existed.


The insurance does not cover loss as a result of (1) Intentionally self inflicted injury, suicide or any attempt by the Named Insured to take his/her own life while sane or insane; (2) war, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities or warlike operations(whether war be declared or not), mutiny, riot, civil commotion, strike, civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrections; criminal acts; shelling, snipping, ambushes, and all acts of similar nature; (3)serving in Armed Forces of any country, whether in peace of war (4) pregnancy, childbirth, abortion, or miscarriage (5) Pre-existing conditions; (6) flying as a pilot or as crew member of passenger aboard any aircraft unless as a fare-paying passenger aboard a schedule commercial aircraft or charter plane operated by a commercial airline; (7) mental or nervous disorder; (8) mountain climbing or pot holing; (9) paragliding, bungee jumping and/or parachuting; (10) scuba diving; (11) Named Insured age over 70; (12) dental care or surgery except to sound natural teeth as occasioned by injury; (13) drug and/or alcohol abuses; (14) criminal acts; (15) racing, using any motorized vehicle or bicycle; (16) any organized sporting activity including professional or semi-professional sports; (17) business travel which is hazardous in nature and/or occupations closely allied with hostile activities media or newspaper war correspondents, defense contractors marine related, mining, oil exploration or production; (18) Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.


No Insurance provided by this policy shall become effective as to Named Insured if such Named Insured is hospital confined, disabled, or receiving payment for a claim when such Insurance would otherwise take effect. The coverage on such person shall take effect thirty-one(31) days after such hospital confinement or disability terminates, or payment of claim cease, which ever is latter.



When Injury occurring during an Injured Journey results in any of the following losses to the Named Insured within 120 days from the date of Accident, the Company will pay in one lumps sum the applicable percentage indicated here below to be applied to the Principal Sum started in the Schedule of benefits.

Loss of:


Life 100%
Both Hands or Both Feet 100%
Sight of Both Eyes 100%
One Hand and One Foot 100%
Either Hand or Foot and Sight of One Eye 100%
Speech 100%
Hearing in Both Ears 100%
Either hand or Foot 50%

“Loss” wherever used here in means the total loss of functional use or complete and permanent severance:

With reference to hand or foot: at or above the wrist or ankle joint. With reference to Thumb and Index: at or above the metacarpi phalangeal jointsWith reference to the sight, hearing or speech: the entire and irrecoverable loss of sight, hearing or speech as certified by a licensed physician specializing in Ophthalmology or Otolaryngology.

In case of occurrence of more than one of the losses specified above, the total indemnity payable hereunder is established by adding the identity corresponding to each single loss up to a maximum limit of 100% of the Principal Sum.

The occurrence of any loss/losses to the Named Insured for which the Principal Sum is payable shall at once terminate the insurance of the Named Insured under the Policy, but such termination shall without prejudice to any claim originating out of the accident causing such loss/losses.


When as the result of Injury or Sickness occurring to the Named Insured during an Insured journey, the Named Insured shall be necessarily confined within a Hospital the Company will reimburse the usual, customary and reasonable Medical Expenses which are not due to a Pre-existing Condition and in excess of US$ / €100 deductible (as per applicable currency) not to exceed the amount of Medical Expenses stated in the Schedule of benefits for any one Injury or Sickness.

All expenses must be incurred within the Insured Journey.

If at the time of the incurring Medical Expenses there is other valid and collectible insurance in place, the Company will be liable only for the excess of the expenses, over the amount of such other insurance, if any, and subject to limitations hereunder.


In addition to the exclusions listed under PART II of this Policy, the coverage under this Section shall not cover and no payment shall be made with respect to:

1.       Elective, cosmetic, or plastic surgery;

2.       Expenses incurred in connection with weak, strained, or flat feet, corns, calluses or toenails;

3.       The diagnosis and treatment of acne;

4.       Deviated septum, including sub mucous resection and/or other surgical correction thereof;

5.       Organ transplants that competent medical professionals consider experimental;

6.       Well child care including exams and immunizations;

7.       Expenses which are not exclusively medical in nature;

8.       Treatment provided in a government hospital or services for which no charge is normally made.


The Company will pay benefits for covered expenses up to the amount stated in the Schedule of Benefits if an injury is occurring or sickness commencing during an Insured Journey results in a necessary emergency evacuation. An emergency evacuation must be ordered by the Physician who certifies that the severity of injury or sickness is dangerous to life and warrants an emergency evacuation.

Emergency evacuation means:

(a) any medical condition of the named Insured that warrant immediate transportation from the place where he is injured or sick to the nearest Hospital where appropriate medical treatment can be obtained; and / or

(b) After being treated at a local Hospital, medical condition of the Named Insured that warrants transportation to the Country stated in the Schedule of Benefits to obtain further medical treatment or to recover.

Covered expenses are the usual customary and reasonable expenses for transportation, medical services and medical supplies necessarily incurred in connection with the emergency evacuation. All transportation arrangements made for evacuation of the named Insured must be (a) recommended by the attending Physician; (b) required by a standard regulation of the conveyance transporting the Named Insured; and (c) must be verified and approved in advance by the Company.

Expenses for medical services and supplies must be recommended by the attending Physician.

Transportation means any land, water, or air conveyance required to transport the Named Insured during an Emergency evacuation, including air ambulance and private motor vehicles.

This Policy will not cover any expenses provided by another party at no cost to the Named Insured or already included in the cost of travel expenses previously paid by or on behalf of the Named Insured. In no event will benefits paid for all the expenses covered under the emergency Evacuation as stated herein exceed the coverage amount limit stated in the Schedule of Benefits.


If the Named Insured dies during the Insured Journey, the Company must be contracted to verify, approved and arrange to return the body to the Country stated in the Schedule of benefits. The Company will pay the reasonable covered expenses incurred upto the amount stated in the Schedule of benefits. Covered expenses include, but are not limited to, expenses for embalming, cremation, coffins and transportation.

This benefit does not include transportation expense of any person accompanying the body.


If the named Insured is Hospitalized for more than seven (7) days following a covered hospitalization during the Injured Journey, the Company will reimburse expenses, upto the maximum benefit amount stated in the Schedule of Benefits, for the cost of round-trip economy airfare to bring a person chosen by the Named Insured from the Country stated in the Schedule of Benefits to and from the Country where the Named Insured a hospitalized, provided the Named Insured is alone during the Insured Journey.

These expenses must be authorized by AIG-ASSIST

Benefit will not be provided for any expenses provided by another party at no cost to the Named Insured or already included in the cost of the trip.



This Policy, together with the Application, a copy of which is attached hereto and made a part hereof, as well as any forms, riders and endorsements hereto, constitutes the entire contract of insurance.

No change in this Policy shall be valid until approved by an officer of the Company and unless such approval be endorsed hereon attached hereto. No agent has authority to change this Policy or to waive any of the Provisions of the Policy.


This Policy is issued on the basis of the declarations made in the Application for insurance, and in consideration of the payment in advance of the premium specified in the Schedule.

Concealment of facts or false statement in the declarations made by the Insured which affect the acceptance of risk by the Company shall invalidate the Policy from its inception.


This Policy takes effect on the effective Date stated in the Application. After taking effect this Policy shall continue in effect until the Expiry date specified in the Application, subject to all other provisions set out hereunder. All periods of Insurance shall begin and end at 12.01 A.M. time of the Country stated in the Schedule of Benefits.


Coverage expires on the earliest of the following dates (a) upon the Named Insured return from Insured Journey to the Country stated in the Schedule of Benefits; or (b) on the Expiry date stated in the Application.


The premium for this Policy shall be considered fully earned by the Company on the Policy Effective Date.


This policy may not be cancelled by the Insured or by the Company, however, it shall become null and void from its Effective date in case of misrepresentation, concealment of facts or fraud by the Insured and/or the Named Insured.


Written notice of claim must be given to the Company within fifteen days (15) after the occurrence or commencement of any loss covered by the Policy, or as soon thereafter as is reasonably possible. Written notice given by or on behalf of the Named Insured to the Company or to any duly authorized representative of the Company, with information sufficient to identify the Named insured, shall be deemed notice to the Company.


The Company, upon receipt of a notice of claim, will furnish to the claimant such forms as are usually furnished by it for filling proof of loss. If such forms are not furnished within fifteen (15) days after the giving of such notice the claimant shall be deemed to have complied with the requirements of the Policy as to proof of loss upon submitting, within the time fixed in the Policy for filling proof of loss, written proof covering the occurrence, the character and the extent of loss for which claim is made.


Written proof of loss must be furnished to the Company in case of claim for loss for which this Policy provides under Part IV Section.1 within sixty (60) days after the date of such loss. Failure to furnish such proof within the time required shall not invalidate nor reduce any claim if it was not reasonably possible to give proof within such time, provided such proof is furnished as soon as reasonably possible and no event, except in the absence of legal capacity, later than one year from the time the loss occurred.


Benefits payable under this policy will be paid immediately upon receipt of due written proof of such loss satisfactory to the Company.


Benefits if any, for loss of life of a Named Insured is payable to the estate of the Named Insured. All other benefits of this policy are payable to the Insured, if living, otherwise to the Named Insured.


The Company shall have the right and opportunity to examine at its own expense a Named Insured when and so often as the Company may reasonably require during the pendency of a claim hereunder and shall have the right to make and/or order an autopsy in case of death where it is not forbidden by law.


Any provision of this Policy which, on its effective date, is in conflict with the statutes of the Country in which the Insured resides on such date is hereby amended to conform to the minimum requirements of such statutes.


No action at law or in equity shall be brought to recover on this policy prior to the expiration of sixty days after written proof of loss has been furnished in accordance with the requirements of this policy. No such action shall be brought after the expiration of the legal period prescribed by the statute of limitations of the Country where the Insured resides.









International Driving Permit (IDP)

An International Driving Permit (IDP) is valid for 12 months from the date issue.

An international driving permit is a special driving license that allows motorist to drive vehicles in other countries without further tests or applications. If you have an international driving permit, this proves that you have a valid driving permit issued by a competent authority in your home country. If you are traveling abroad and wish to drive in another country, you will very likely require an international driving permit.

Requirements for issue, along with the following attachments, are:

  • The applicant must be 18 years of age or older
  • Valid U.A.E driver’s license (regardless of nationality)
  • Valid residence visa
  • 2 passport size photographs
  • Complete and sign the IMC IDP application form (no other form is acceptable)
  • Fee payment
Price: Aed 150*

To apply for International Driving License, you must visit our office with above documents and the license can be issued within 24 hrs. Permit can be couriered at additional cost.

Terms and Conditions

An International Driving Permit (IDP) is valid for 12 months from the date issue.

An international driving permit is a special driving license that allows motorist to drive vehicles in other countries without further tests or applications. If you have an international driving permit, this proves that you have a valid driving permit issued by a competent authority in your home country. If you are traveling abroad and wish to drive in another country, you will very likely require an international driving permit.

It is important to check the accuracy of the personal information printed on your driving license. If there are any errors or you have a change of name or address, you should immediately notify the authority that issued your license.

  • An IDP issued in the U.A.E is not valid for use in the U.A.E.
  • When hiring a car overseas remember that driving license requirements worldwide do vary. Although many hire companies need only to see your national driving license, majority of them will require an IDP. Hire companies also have varying minimum/maximum rental age limits and generally require you to have held your national formality license for a minimum of 12 months.

Recognized internationally, it normally allows you to drive a private motor vehicle without further formality when accomplished by a valid U.A.E driving license.

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